rag pits 15

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aston clinton rag pits again

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Matt, Peter & Helen visited on 11th June 2015

Neottia ovata - Twayblade

Helianthemum nummularium

Dactylorhiza fuchsii - common spotted orchid

Platanthera chlorantha Greater butterfly Orchid

Gymnadenia conopsea Fragrant orchid

White dactylorhiza fuchsii -  common spotted orchid

Polygala calcarea

Wild rose

Viburnum opulus - Guelder rose

Common spotted orchids

Convolvulus round a Guelder rose

Reseda lutea - Mignonette

Dactylorhiza fuchsii - common spotted orchid

Ox eye daisy and spider

Platanthera chlorantha Greater butterfly orchid

I did not take the right lens, all my pictures are taken on a 28 - 300 lens instead of a close-up one.  

Matt's pictures are a great deal better as you can see below

Bird's foot trefoil

Fairy flax - Linum cartharticum


Wild rose and pollen beetle

Spider on moon daisy

and again

we went back on the 12th on an overcast day

Platanthera chlorantha Greater butterfly orchid

Dactylorhiza fuchsii - spotted orchid

Spotted orchid

 Greater butterfly orchid

Cephalanthera damasonium - white heleborine   Rather tatty we were too late

Gymnadenia conopsea Fragrant orchid

Neottia ovata - Twayblade detail

Fragrant orchid


Thistle heads

White common spotted orchid

Group of Greater butterfly orchids

Fairy flax - Linum cartharticum

Tapestry of flowers

Silene vulgaris - bladder campion

In bud below

White heleborine

Guelder rose

Bird's foot trefoil

Twayblade entwined

Swinecress - Coronopus squamatus or maybe a Thlaspi

Fairy flax


Wild rose with glamour glow

Common spotted orchid


A more successful day than yesterday, though intensely hot as a thunderstorm was threatening, but fortunately it did not materialise.

We were told that there were more orchids at Dancers End.    http://www.bbowt.org.uk/reserves/dancersend

Previous visit at:  http://www.cullens.org.uk/1.Cullens_Rag-pits.htm