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trip with Peter Duncan on the hottest day of the year so far... not much good for photography!

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There were lots of grasses and sneezes about

These bears had a confrontation and the one on the right went off defeated after a few minutes

The wolverine gave us a short photo opportunity

Ox-eye daisies

View over the Aylesbury Vale - 4 individual pictures taken at 50mm and stitched together with adjustments by eye.   Using my snapper is much easier...

Aylesbury Vale

Aylesbury Vale

Blackfooted Penguins

Aylesbury Vale

The bear has duckweed from the pond on her haunches

The mother wild boar and her piglets.   She was the best mother so she looked after the other sow's piglets too

Blackfooted Penguins

Dog rose

Meadow sweet


Poppy - papaver rhoeas

Chimpanzee on the jungle gym

Ringlet butterfly

We chased brown butterflies of various kinds, but only managed to photograph a ringlet.   We also saw a mother duck with her ducklings hidden in the long grass, I didn't get a worthwhile picture

Rosa rugosa alba


Red river hog

Red river hog


Flamingoes with a 'glamour glow' filter above and 'high key' on the right

Stipa gigantea - oats


Blue kookaburra

Killing a rubber snake

Red macaws

Little red pandas hanging out

Dragonfly laying eggs on the water-weeds in the otters' pool

Elephant enjoying the water

Handsome goats



View from ground level

It is an owl!

We did not see the lynx kittens, but Peter and Ian took some pictures of a green woodpecker