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beth chatto's garden

trip with Harpenden Horticultural Society on 27th May 2015

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Eschscholzia californica or Californian poppy


Seedhead of the pasque flower

A delicate foot high blotch free variety of papaver orientalis 'Leuchtfeuer'

Blue and purple plaanting

Very dark purple aquilegia


Rosa spinosissima 'Falkland'

Iris 'Jane Philips'

Yellow planting


Iris 'Black Swan'

Heart of a verbascum


First bed in the dry garden

We looked around the nursery and then had a very early sandwich lunch.   It was worth it as the rush started just as we were leaving the new enlarged caf? area.

View below with glamour glow

Stripy reeds

Water garden

Zantedeschia aethiopica

Beth Chatto's bungalow

Iris sibirica

Gunnera flower & new leaf

Candelabra primula

Bachelor's buttons

Sitting in the shade

Iris pseudacorus variegata

Iris 'Gerald Derby'


Solomon's Seal


Hybrid rhododendron

Angelica in the wood

Judas tree




Red leaves on the eucalypt



Melianthus major

Holly Blue on allium aflatunense

We had a stop for retail therapy at Beeches Nursery near Saffron Walden; fortunately we only bought a couple of plants.

slideshow below- flowers from both gardens

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Parsonage House

Wiggens Green, Helions Bumpstead, Haverhill, Essex.   What a wonderful address!   

Irregular avenue

Camassia in the wild flower meadow

Mixed planting

Rosa banksii flora plena

Border and close-up of the lavender tulips

Honeysuckle on the loo

The WC

Silybum marianum album

Front of the house

Tall echium by the door


The front from the other side

White tree peony

Pelargonium cultivar in the greenhouse




Magnolia wilsonii, what a beauty!

Clematis hybrid

We saw some very interesting unspoiled villages and small towns on our trip and los of desirable plants.  

The cats had been waiting four hours for their supper and were glad to see us.   Today they have brought in a couple of baby birds...