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bison hill

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On Juliet's recommendation we went to Bison Hill to look for butterflies.   We saw a green hairstreek on arrival and photographed it, but the orange tips, small whites and geometrics avoided me...   We had lunch at Whipsnade and enjoyed the Butterfly House.   We went on to the Ragpits at Aston Clinton and the Dancers End reserve.   We saw tortoishells at Whipsnade;  Geometrics at the Ragpits and a brimstone at Dancers End.

Tracker of the whole journey above;  Bison Hill and Whipsnade gps below


Bison Hill

Cowslip - primula veris

Cow parsley

Dandelion seed head

Green hairstreek

Geranium robertianum


Cow parsley

Silene dioica - red campion

Best to look where one's going

Lamium galeobdolon - yellow archangel

Cow parsley

Long view

White dead netle

White campion







Butterfly House


Crocodile alive or plastic?


Tailed jay

Tiger longwing

Common crow

Tiger longwing


Blue clipper

It was a relief to get outside in the comparative cold...


We had lunch in the café using a tablet to order our food.

Flamingoes were very noisy - a spat occurring below

Aeration in the flamingo pool

Cardamine pratensis - lady's smock

Grevy's Zebra

Good bottoms

Horse chestnut candle

Lioness's paw


Meercat on guard


Vale of Aylesbury

Weigelia cultivar

White rhino


Red campion in the wolverine enclosure


Ornamental rhubarb

Around the chimp enclosure




We walked back to the car which we had left by the wild boars and drove round the circuit to the exit.


aston clinton ragpits

Most of the orchids were not even through the ground so we were very pleased to see the twayblade - Neottia ovata or listera ovata

Neottia ovata

Viburnum seeds with snail

Primula veris

Polygala vulgaris - milkwort

Cephalanthera damasonium / longifolia- white helleborine

Sanicula europaea


Bird's foot trefoil

Neottia ovata


white helleborine

We found a couple of helleborines out in the open.   There was no sign under the trees in the usual place.   It will be better in a week or two.   There were micromoths but too frisky for the camera.

white helleborine



dancers end

We parked in a lay by and walked up the sunken path to the reserve.   There is a car park by another entrance.

We saw a brimstone, but could not manage to photograph it.


Lamium galeobdolon - yellow archangel

Ground elder

Wild rose

We got home at 17.00, the cats were very anxious.