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hyde hall

trip with probus to the RHS garden show 3.8.17


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Ground covered on the visit above;  location of the pictures below

The weather was changeable, one minute lowering purple grey clouds with spots of rain then blue skies fluffy clouds and sunshine.   My anorak was on an off again and again.   It was windy nearly all the time, so photography was difficult.   There were lots of magnificent flowers, but the zinnias excelled.

Pity the stamens have been removed

Daisy Roots' display

W S Warmenhoven's alliums

Allium amethystinum 'Red Mohican'

Allium Sativum var. Ophioscorodon


Wing-flapping owl

Another cheeky owl

A Cameron style mobile shed

Agapanthus and peacock

Boxed perennials in front of Hyde Hall


Hot planting

Dinner plate dahlia


The mobile thrones were excellent

Potentilla Hopwoodiana

It was very windy!


Gunnera manicata

Sweet potato flower

Can there be any pollen or nectar left?

Dwarf sunflower

A physalis sp.

1/400 at 3.5 so no wind effect