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kew 23.3.16

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We met up with Matt outside Kew Gardens Station and had a coffee.


Temple in spring planting

Daffodils and chionodoxa

Fritillaria imperialis

Magnolia stellata

Temple and magnolia

Magnolia soulangeana

Pulsatilla halleri subsp. slavica

Juno Iris

Tulipa aitchisonii var. clusianoides

Ixia maculata

Tulipa montana

Erythronium helenae

Iris willmottiana

Tropaeolum brachyceras

Iris bucharica - in the Alpine House above and on the rock garden below

With the close-up lens


Damage on an agave leaf

Strelitza regina in the glasshouse

Opuntia robusta

Opuntia microdasys

Parts of a strelitza

Jade plant

Esposioa lanata

Nymphaea 'Camembert'

Water Dragon

Nidularium rutilans

Spindle palm

Slipper orchids




matt's pictures

Magnolia stellata

Pulsatilla halleri subsp. slavica

Ixia maculata

Iris reticulata 'Spot On'

Iris bucharica


Hibiscus rosa-sinensis


Pachystachys lutea


Wollemi Pine

We had a good lunch in the Orangery then visited the Water Lily House which was very steamy, but it was too early in the season so not much on view

One of the 2 lilies on show


Pansy in a tub outside the Palm House


Stump for Matt

Banana trunk

Jatropha podagrica, the Buddha Belly plant

Portea grandiflora

Costus barbatus

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

African oil palm

Crossandra infundibuliformis

Impatiens affine grandis

Encephalartos villosus

Deherainia smaragdina - the dog mess plant!

We went downstairs to the aquarium, where we saw a hairy file fish which has hairs all over its body which help them to hide in the seaweed.

The keeper was cleaning the glass on the tanks so the fishes were a bit nervous.

Jellyfish upside down

Clown fish

Mustard tang

Colourful sea cucumbers

Puffer fish

Spotted garden eel

Brownea x crawfordii

Double tulips

Peacock in the sales area