kew orchid festival

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kew orchid festival

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My tracks above, gps from the camera below


A horrible day overcast and damp, we felt very cold

Coloured stems on the dogwoods

Hellebores hold their heads up

The boys

Wonderfully symmetrical tree


In the Orangery

We warmed up with coffee in the Orangery then on to the Princess of Wales Conservatory for the Orchid Display which was designed around an Indian theme

Elephant and child


Cymbidium opening

Paphiopedilum - slipper orchids


Vanda - Blue version

Indian spices


Gran centrepiece

Water lily


Vase plant

Aechmea smithiorum

Orchid arrangement

Spindle Palm

Barrow full of vegetables and fruits

Tiger - love the claws

Hanging display

Pelargonium cordifolium



+2 compensation

Cymbidium 'Gaddon Loch' "Vieux"


With close-up lens

We looked at the entries for the photography competition;  some very interesting images.   Being still very cold and damp we went home