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kew autumn 2017

Tracker above gps of where photographs were taken below


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The train to West Hampstead was cancelled, then late so we had a fraught journey to Kew fortunately Matt had not had to wait long


The Palm House

Coloured reflections

Gunnera manicata

Christmas decorations

Princess Diana Conservatory

We visited the rock garden first


Galanthus reginae-olgae

Coronilla glauca


Androcymbium gramineum

Oxalis hirta

Narcissus papyraceus var. polyanthos

Cyclamen rohlfsianum

Petrocosmea grandiflora

Nerina flexuosa

Eriogonum crocatum

Matt's Pictures

Across the lake



Nerine flexuosa

Christmas decoration

Oxalis hirta

Sackler Crossing


We left the Alpine House and went into the Princess Diana Conservatory's Australian section.   It was so cold outside that our cameras were steamed up for many minures


Grevillea 'Coastal Sunset'

Passiflora 'Lady Margaret'


Medinilla magnifica

Aristolochia grandiflora

Oxalis insipida from Guyana and Brazil

Vriesea splendens

Strophanthus preussii


Matt and Cleistocacti

Mother in law's seats

Aloe millotii

Cleistocactus winteri

Early flowering Mahonia


Replica of the Medici Vase

Ginko biloba


R. Mme. Isaac Pereire - a bit tatty, but magnificent scent

Green Slate Fountain

Geese on the lawn

'Coat of Arms' on the Orangery

We had a turkey casserole at the Orangery and some interesting cider and beer

Kew Palace is a British royal palace in Kew Gardens on the banks of the Thames up river from London.

Red brick stately home with untouched 200-year-old kitchens within the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew.

Liquidambar styraciflua - Sweet Gum

Red Swiss Chard

Kew Palace from the back

Decorative green and gold metal Gazebo in the Queen's garden behind Kew Palace

Made in Elizabeth II's reign


Orangery entrance to restaurant

Wonderful decorations

Silver birches

Inside the Minka House

Champagne Bar ready for the festivities

Long view down the avenue

Sackler Crossing reflected

Sackler Crossing

Sackler Crossing

Ancient tree

Treetop Walkway

View from the top

Temperate House