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kew early

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Kew offered early opening to Friends so Matthew and Helen visited on a warm September day


The Palm House

Dahlia (redskin?)

Red and blue bedding

Canna detail on the right

Ricinus communis

The Palm House - using bleach bypass


Replica vase


Water hyacinth

Colchicum autumnale

Colchicum autumnale

Tithonia rotundiflora

Ricinus commuis

Replica of the Medici Vase

The original of white marble with scenes in relief was made in Greece in the first century BC.   Subject possibly Greek leaders consulting the oracle at Delphi before setting out for Troy.

Exotic bedding

Canna growing in water

Canna leaves flower lower left

Alpine House

Calceolaria polyrrhiza

Campanula isophylla f. alba

Cyclamen graecum

Colchicum in the Alpine Ho.

Maintaining the plants


Lost all the files after this point, however it did not affect the gps shown above...   Returned on the following Sunday, though at 10.00 rather than 8.00 to retake some of the lost images.   Relevant gps for second trip below.

pictures by mac

18mm lens taken from practically in the pond

Intent on handouts

Heliotrope with deep red begonias and cannas in the carpet bedding in front of the Palm House

The Water-lily House was not as humid today so we did not have to wait so long for the cameras to acclimatise.   On the first visit the gardener was in the water feeding the plants.  

Hibiscus sinensis

A reflection of the flowers around the edge of the pool - it does not work.   Close up of the flower below

Nymphaea 'Tropic Sunset'

Nymphaea 'Saint Louis Gold'

Nymphaea 'Foxfire'

Nymphaea 'Green Smoke'

Nymphaea 'Foxfire'

Young leaves and a flower bud of Victoria Regia Lily 'Longwood hybrid'

Pitcher plants

Hibiscus sinensis

Another hibiscus

Aristolochia littoralis

Like a seilbahn

Bedding dahlia


Kew Museum

Syzygium paniculatum 'Newport'

Grevillea 'Coastal Sunset'

Ferns and lichen

Red passionflower

Allamanda cathartica 'Hendersonii'

The giant granadilla Passiflora quadrangularis

Fruit of Passiflora quadrangularis

Nelumbo leaves above seedhead on left

Aechmea 'Blue Rain'

Vriesia Philippocoburgii


Sugary substance on the pods

Air plants

Strophanthus preussii

Oxalis insipida

Aechmea blanchetiana and a detail of the flower spike

Red passion flower

Aechmea 'Primera'


Discus fish

Heliconia psittacorum

Echinocereus grusonii

Yucca queretavroensis


Scented leaved geranium

A tatty-tailed peacock

Primula viallii

Colchicum autumnale


Waterfall on Rock Garden

Rhodophiala bifida in the Alpine House

Ptilotus manglesii

Campanula isophylla

Colchicum bivonae

Gladiolus carmineus

Zephyranthes verecunda

Biarum tennuifolium

Cyclamen graecum

Colchicum speciosum

Biarum ditschianum

Zephyranthes verecunda

We went onto the grass garden;  this is Stipa 'Ichu'

Fluffy grass

Pampas Grass

Massive eucalypts

Mandevilla laxa

Alpine House across the Grass Garden


Schizostylis coccinea

Ginko trunk

We had lunch in the Orangery

Crocus speciosum

Eucalyptus parvifolia

The Pagoda

Sackler Crossing

Female Red-Crested Pochard

Cygnets trying to take off

Reclining Mother and Child by Henry Moore

Palm House from the Rose Garden

Rosa 'Lady of Shallot'

Rosa 'The Generous Gardner'

Rosa 'James Galway'

Rosa 'The Alnwick Rose'

Rosa 'The Wedgewood Rose'

Butterfly Fish

Puffer fish

Razor fish

In the Palm House

Lovely sky over the Palm House as we were leaving.   Simple journey home with very little waiting and no cancellations.