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london zoo december 17

Click on the thumbnails to get a larger picture, then on on the top LHS of the screen to return to this page.

Above tracker showing our progress round the zoo:  below gps of the sites of the photographs.

We met Matthew only 5 mins late after standing around at the station for half an hour awaiting a train to Kentish Town - trouble with signaling...

Woolly necked crane

Nandina domestica

Mother and cub

Golden frog

What a handsome beast!

Tiger effigy

From behind

Komodo Dragon

There were 3 similarly sized female Galapagos tortoises in a pen, but the oldest one, a male born in the same year as I was, wasn't there - very disappointing...

We went into the Reptile House for some warmth.   It was dark and the temperature of the lights was variable so there were some odd colours in the images and not much depth of field.

Red tailed snake actually it was a dirty pink

Gidgee Skink he is not wounded, he has pink knees

Frog soap

Gidgee Skink

Rhinoceros viper

Puff Adder


Emerald Tree Boa

Monitor lizard

We saw these terrapins fed with crickets

Utilla spiny tailed iguana

Vietnamese long-nosed snake

Collared tree lizard

Lau banded iguana

Feae's flying frog

Green tree monitor

Caiman Lizard


Could it be a grizzly bear?



Blue frogs

Shadows by the gorilla enclosure

The Broad Walk

Polar bear

I didn't get a picture, but PJ took a backlit shot of a White-naped Mangabey opposite the gorillas.  

This is a picture from the Zoo's collection

The pelicans were excited

Waiting for something



Asian lion

Guajarati office

Goddess with a lion

Wall painting

A very noisy parrot

We had a lot of trouble with mesh and smeary glass

On 23.12.17 there was a fire at London Zoo and an aardvard 'Misha' died and four meercat brothers may also have died.   Some keepers were affected by smoke

Goats at the trough

Golden Mongoose

We came out of the house to watch the clock strike the hour.   Below 8 birds are gone

Red Crested Turaco

Violet backed starling

The birds are out of the cages

Toucans drop out of sight

The Lobby

A Sun bittern

Black necked Stilt

Violet backed starling

Red and yellow barbet

He posed very well

Bird in the playground

Lion mural

Ganesh - the Elephant God

Guajarati truck

Chatty Macaws


Giant swallowtail

Female Atlas Moth close-up view of the face & antennae

Tiger Longwing

Brown Clipper

Common lime swallowtail

Owl moth

Large tree nymph

Zebra Longwing

Spotted black crow


matthew's pictures


Red tailed snake

White-naped Mangabey



Golden Mongoose


Meercat under a heat lamp

We went into Rainforest Life where the plants and animals and visitors were sprayed with very fine droplets of water

This Sloth walked around quite quickly

Arboreal anteater - Tamandua


This sloth slept

Emperor Tamarin

It was a very cold day the cameras got fogged up moving into the warm houses from the cold.    A good visit due to excellent light