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london zoo september 16

Click on the thumbnails to get a larger picture, then on on the top LHS of the screen to return to this page.

We met Mathew at Camden Town Tube and walked to the Zoo.   It was hot, but not quite as humid as yesterday

Penguin underwater

Penguin Beach

Penguin Beach


Elderly heron taking advantage of the facilities

Tiger longwing

Large tree nymph

Indian leafwing

Plain tiger

Great yellow mormon

Atlas Moth

Owl butterfly caterpillar

We looked around the new Land of the Lions Exhibit

Grey / Hanuman langur

Long view through the netting

Lionesses in a far corner

Indian art

Vulture very heavy grid

Indian Lions


Dung rolling beetles

We saw an anteater come out in his paddock, but we were too slow to get a good picture

2 Aardwarks

Fluffy flowered tree in the Childrens' Zoo



Tiny tiger cub runs away

We saw the cubs playing, but with the mesh of the cage and the distance the picture is not up to much.

Possibly the cubs' father

Komodo Dragon

Jasmine scented tree

Woolly necked stork

Caracara striata - In the Falkland Islands it is known as the Johnny rook.


in the reptile house

Green anaconda

Emerald Tree Boa - the face of the one below seems to be at the bottom

Puff adder

Red tailed rat snake



Colobos monkey


Plaque named for my Mother;  she loved all cats and would have been proud to have contributed toward animal conservation.

Walked around the tiger area again, but did not see the cubs;  the mother was sleeping

'Cave paintings' in the tunnel

Pygmy hippo

We heard the talk about the lemurs and were close to them as they were fed.

The okapi had a new mate who can be seen through the woven fence


There was a talk in the jungle and all the creatures came out to see if there was any food

Tamandua (pronounced tuh MAN doo wah) or lesser anteater enjoyed treats from the keepers

We got home in good time on a new and smooth train, however we were a bit footsore...