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whipsnade easter sunday 2015

Click on the thumbnails to get a larger picture, then on on the top LHS of the screen to return to this page.

Blue tit on a birch


Wolverine scratching

Hiding in a tree

Hooded merganser


Eider bathing

Humboldt penguins

Young penguin

It's love

Chimps racing to catch the snacks and below not affection, but grabbing the tidbits


Merlin on the lure

Poppy the common stork who had a wonderful rapport with her handler

Juvenile bataleur eagle

Macaws in flight

Whistling ducks

Red panda

Bob the burrowing owl

Rushing along the barre

Almost taking off

and into the distance...

Blue and Gold Macaws

After the fly-past

Native daffodils

We had a picnic overlooking Ivinghoe Beacon

Weeping willow at the hippos

Cheetah with overlay of netting

Magpie removes lice?

Lions in the usual posture

Lion king

A pile of three meercats

Two of them

This one took over the lookout post rather shame faced

Red river hogs

Licking under the bark

Amazing tail

Tongue around the leaves

Giraffe pattern

Grevy's zebra's fantastic hair day

It could be a deer


More flamingoes


Tiger through mesh


View from the bridge

Alpaca - too far for a good image

Shetland pony


Joyous rabbits

Guinea pig 1/8th sec.


Barn Owl

We saw the bird display again at 3.30 and saw Bob erupt from his burrow

Harris hawks hunt as a pack

Lanner Falcon

White faced owl looks out

White faced owl, Gizmo

European Lynx

Crepuscular inhabitant of rugged forested country.   Naturally solitary

What a laugh!

So well camouflaged we did not notice them immediately

Politely waiting for something to happen

We came home after a very good day.   We muddied Peter's car, but it was in a good cause.   We came home and muddied the house...

Peter Duncan's pictures at http://fands.org.uk/1.DUNCAN_Whipsnade-Apl-15.htm

PJ's at  http://www.pjspictures.me.uk/!.PJP_Animals9.htm