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whipsnade july 2014

Click on the thumbnails to get a larger picture, then on on the top LHS of the screen to return to this page.

We went up to the zoo during a hot spell and were lucky that the day was overcast and cooler

New plumage on the penguins

Wolverine and his food

Cloud down on the Vale of Aylesbury

Scimitar Oryx eating bark


The poor old lion was not looking his best

Loose skin on his leg

Red river hogs

Young giraffe

Young giraffe


Rowan berries

Otters pulling faces


Water lilies in the moat around the female ring-tailed lemurs' island.   The youngsters were climbing the tree with confidence, leaping from branch to branch although still very tiny.

The tigers had a spat.   The male reared up on his hind legs and went for the female who growled ferociously from a supine position.   (grab shot)



Emperor goose

Bar-headed geese

Formation pelicans

Pelicans posing

Steam Railway


We had sandwiches at the Cafe then saved a small child in a runaway push chair - the parents noticed nothing...



Gull looking for someone else's food

Cheetahs through netting

Thistle and hoverflies

Hippo showing its teeth

Pygmy hippo showing large incisor

Moorhen feeding its chick

The tiger calm now sitting too close to the bars

Red hot pokers in the butterfly garden area

Peacock on buddleja

Peacock on white flowers


Small tortoishell

Lemur boys

Rosa rugosa by chimp island

Bullrushes by the chimps

Cinnabar caterpillars on ragwort

Convolvulus minor

Gatekeepers on ragwort

We failed to see the lynxes and the red pandas, but apart from that had a very good day