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The weather was not very promising for July, but we had a good day

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The maras were out to greet us

The penguins were rushing about like Indian runners

Some of the squads were well disciplined

At their front door


We did not see any rockhoppers, but copied the info anyway;  previous pictures of rockhoppers at http://www.cullens.org.uk/1.Cullens_Whipsnade_Cullens&PD1.htm


A school party squeaking with enthusiasm interested the bears and the wolverines.   The latter - the largest and fiercest member of the weasel family were meant to be shy, but despite the large audience, they came out of their quarters and indulged in 'play fighting'.   The term used by the teachers, but it might have been something else. 

They did tend to move behind a small tree from time to time, usually as an interesting photographic moment was developing

This bear enjoyed posing

There were lots of interesting expressions

The larger of the wolverines sat on the log for a few minutes and then patrolled around the enclosure until a smaller wolverine came out to join him.   They then started a rather fierce joust...
The picture on the right is out of focus apart from the nettle, but it does show you the size of the animal's claws.

Solarised rhinoceros

Wonderful eyelashes?

Reseda odorata

Grevy's zebras in the meadow


Young guard meercat

Grevy's zebra again




Scimitar-Horned Oryx

Who clicked at me?!

Stretching the toes

Fallow deer

Chinese water deer

Completely relaxed


Not 'at home'

The steam engine



The avenue

The little elephant seemed to enjoy performing


Ground ivy

Lemurs grooming

Lemurs' heads, bodies & legs

Lemurs - On the ropes!

Peter wanted to see the Lynx, but there were cubs born in May and the family was not being fed at 4.30 so we were unlucky.

http://www.cullens.org.uk/1.Cullens_Whipsnade-OCT11.htm for a lynx picture