Wisley scarecrows
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wisley scarecrows

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We went down to Wisley where it was even hotter than most other places in the country to see the W.I. Scarecrows.   It was slow on the M25 going down, but was fine coming home.

The water lilies were wonderful in the canal

Nemesia and lobelia

The Laboratory and canal

Fish in the canal

Hemerocallis 'Oriental Ruby'

Carp coming out of the water in the pond to get food

Strictly Scarecrows

made by the W.I.

Mrs Dodgson

Please Sir


Tango Ted


Wackford Squeers

Glorious Gloria

Waltzing Widdecombe

Judge Strictly

Lucky Len 7


Foxy Roxy


Do you come here often?

Rumba Lilly

May Poppins - winning scarecrow

Fluzilla de la Bourne

The Dancing Queen

Abby Widdy


Glitter Girl

Twinkle Toes

Royal Mail

The Flamboyant Fulham Floozie


Lady Penelope

Clara of Cranleigh


SealeA and SandoS

Brucie Bonus

Anton du Bake

Sparkling Rose

Member of the public trying it on


Strictly a Scrubber

Let's eat the cake and dance

Demanding Master Craig

Brucie gets the Girl

Strictly Strawsley from West Horsley

Chiquitta of Horsell

Strictly Punished

The Professional Rosebud

Dolores de Rio

Strictly Fred and Ginger

Strictly 50 shades of grey

Nice to see you

Carmen Miranda - Last tango in Wisley

Paso Doble


Flavia the Flapper

Ann Widdecombe

Becksy's of Bagshot

Fred Astrow

Lady Castlemaine

Daisey May

Meg and Mog

Mitzy Aubertin

Percy Barrow

Belle and Beau heading west


Jamima Jam Tart

Antann Deck

Flava of the month

Strictly Strict


Flavia Bagia


Strictly Cynthia

The Whirley Waltzers


Strictly Stargazing

Glamorous Gertie

Tangoing Tadworth Tilly

I don't know how many scarecrows there were meant to be, but I hope I took pictures of most of them.   See the Wisley web site:  http://www.rhs.org.uk/gardens/wisley  

Very harsh lighting

Water lilies in the pond

Eucomis vandermerwei - a threatened alpine bulb

Calochortus monophyllus?

Love in the mist - Nigella damascena

White cosmos


Sunflower in the cutting garden

Ricinus communis - caster-oil plant

Convolvulus 'Blue Ensign'

Meadow flowers

Pendulous begonia

High key garden

Turk's cap Lily

Brimstone on Verbena


Rosa 'Blue for You' on DS

'Blue for You' on full size sensor

Hemerocallis 'American Revolution'

Lysimachia clethroides

Cosmos bipinnatus

Erigeron 'Sommerabend'

Rosa 'Great Expectations'

Panoramas of the Herbaceous borders.   I did not manage to include the whole length of the borders

We had a cold drink and enjoyed the journey home with the air-conditioning going full blast - lovely.